JUST IN: Lankford Calls Biden’s Border EOs “A Mess,” Stresses National Security Concerns as Americans Live on Borrowed Time Under Lawless President


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WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) joined Fox News’ The Faulkner Focus to call out the Biden Administration’s open border policies causing a national security crisis at the southern border. This comes as the White House announced another Executive Order to encourage more illegal immigration. Lankford serves as lead Republican on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Government Operations and Border Management, and he pushed back on President Biden for his sudden attempt to change the narrative on the border just six months before an election. 


Lankford on Biden’s Executive Action to Encourage Illegal Immigration…It’s a mess, obviously. More than 10 million people have illegally crossed the border because of 94—now 95 with the actions this week—Executive Orders to open up the border and to announce to people worldwide, ‘if you get to America, we will let you in and we will eventually give you citizenship.’ The Biden Administration is also directly violating the law, and they know it. That’s why they’re doing it right before the election, they want to make this an election issue. And they also know the courts are going to throw this out, because the law clearly states you can’t do parole on someone currently in the country, they have to be outside the country. So this Administration’s just declaring people outside the country and then giving them parole and then giving them a legal path to status. They know it’s against the law, and they just want to make this part of their electioneering on this. So the best thing that we can do is announce to the world the border is closed, and tell people we still allow legal immigration into the country. We like, as Americans, legal immigration. We just don’t like things that are illegal. That shouldn’t be irrational.

Lankford on Consequences of the Biden Administration’s Open Border Agenda… We’re still suffering the consequences and will for decades, as a nation, suffer the consequences, of this Administration’s illegal actions. I would say the biggest issue, though, is as we deal with eight terrorists that were kicked out last week, we have more people coming all of the time. We should do whatever we can right now to be able to stop what’s coming across the border, because we don’t know the next terrorist coming in. As we live on borrowed time, let’s do as much as we can right now under a lawless President. And then when we’ve got someone who will actually enforce the law, we can get this back under control.