Press Releases

November 2019
Senator Lankford Reintroduces Bill to Remove Obamacare Ban on Physician-Owned Hospitals to Provide Greater Access to Patients
Senators Lankford, Carper, Cassidy, Tester Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Protect Student Veterans
Senator Lankford Shares Frustrations with Turkey’s President for Lack of Democracy, Human Rights on the Senate Floor
Senator Lankford Commends ICE for Work to Protect Southern Border
Senator Lankford Announces Public Events for Veterans Day & November 12
Senators Lankford, Inhofe Applaud Nomination of Tulsa Attorney to Serve on US District Court
November 11 is Veterans Day; Senator Lankford Honors Oklahoma Veterans on the Senate Floor
Senator Lankford Shares Story of Oklahoman Impacted by Federal Budgeting Uncertainty
Senator Lankford Prioritizes Election Security in Questions to DHS Chief Intel Officer
Senators Lankford, Rosen Praise FBI Efforts to Thwart Anti-Semitic Attack
Lankford, Hartzler Lead Amicus Brief in Support of ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’
Lankford Visit Langston University
Senator Lankford Supports Efforts By the Administration to Find Loving Homes for Foster, Adoptive Children
October 2019
Senator Lankford Statement on House Impeachment Resolution
Senators Lankford, Hassan, Inhofe, Rubio Introduce Small Business ‘Mulligan’ Bill
Senator Lankford Supports First Funding Package
Senators Lankford, Inhofe Praise Committee Passage of Oklahoman to be District Court Judge
Senators Lankford, Peters, Johnson, Klobuchar Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Strengthen Cybersecurity for Local Governments
Senators Lankford, Inhofe Introduce Legislation To Prohibit Discrimination of Babies with Down Syndrome
Senator Lankford Opposes Resolution to Reverse State Flexibility for Obamacare
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