Sponsored and Cosponsored Legislation

Bill # Bill Description Updated
S.Res. 219 Cosponsored  — A resolution designating July 25, 2015, as “National Day of the American Cowboy”.
S.282 Sponsored  — Taxpayers Right-To-Know Act
S.Res. 212 Cosponsored  — A resolution condemning the attack on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and expressing encouragement and prayers for all affected by this evil assault.
S.1648 Cosponsored  — Rural Emergency Acute Care Hospital Act
S.1636 Cosponsored  — Just Google It Act
S.1617 Cosponsored  — Hizballah International Financing Prevention Act of 2015
S.1598 Cosponsored  — First Amendment Defense Act
S.1584 Cosponsored  — Renewable Fuel Standard Repeal Act
S.Res. 201 Cosponsored  — A resolution designating June 19, 2015, as “Juneteenth Independence Day” in recognition of June 19, 1865, the date on which slavery legally came to an end in the United States.
S.1544 Cosponsored  — Jurassic Pork Act
S.1312 Cosponsored  — Energy Supply and Distribution Act of 2015
S.Res. 87 Cosponsored  — A resolution to express the sense of the Senate regarding the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and to encourage greater cooperation with the European governments, the European Union, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in preventing and responding to anti-Semitism.
S.1487 Cosponsored  — Regulatory Predictability for Business Growth Act of 2015
S.640 Cosponsored  — ORDEAL Act of 2015
S.Res. 191 Cosponsored  — A resolution relative to the death of Joseph Robinette Biden, III.
S.1040 Cosponsored  — ROV In-Depth Examination Act of 2015
S.1383 Cosponsored  — Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Accountability Act of 2015
S.321 Sponsored  — A bill to revoke the charter of incorporation of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma at the request of that tribe, and for other purposes.
S.Res. 177 Cosponsored  — A resolution designating the week of May 10 through May 16, 2015, as “National Police Week”.
S.292 Cosponsored  — 21st Century Endangered Species Transparency Act
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