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Securing Our Southern Border

Senator Lankford joins Fox News’ Fox and Friends to detail huge wins to secure border and to push back on misconceptions in his border security policy proposal.

Read the full text of Senator Lankford’s border security policy proposal here.

Read the section by section of Senator Lankford’s order security policy proposal here.

Read a summary of Senator Lankford’s border security policy proposal here.

The bill works to stop the illegal immigration chaos now and in the future. Here are some of the details:

  • NO amnesty—period
  • NO free work permits handed out at the border
  • NO more 10-year wait for an asylum hearing
  • Builds the wall
  • More ICE agents for deportations
  • More Border Patrol agents for arrests
  • More asylum officers for faster hearings and deportation
  • More than $650 million is recapitalized for border wall construction next year
  • Adds more technology at the border to interdict drugs and illegal crossings
  • Increases detention beds to 50,000 to end catch and release
  • Doubles the number of deportation flights
  • Ends the cartel trick of trafficking children with adults so the adults can enter the country faster
  • Raises the standard to prove an asylum request, so people coming to our border can no longer just say, “I have fear in my country” and get released into America for years
  • Deports anyone seeking asylum with a criminal record immediately, instead of the current policy of deporting them years from now
  • Deports any alien who could have resettled in another country on the way to the United States
  • Deports any alien who came to America to seek “protection,” but they could have just moved to another town in their own country and been safe
  • Adds more asylum officers for screening to make sure the handful of people who actually qualify for asylum are able to be considered for that process fast and the majority of people who do not qualify for asylum are deported faster
  • Creates a new Title 42-like authority to shut down and deport everyone when the border is being overrun-
  • Currently when there is a caravan of people, everyone is released into the country because there is not enough time to process everyone fully. This new authority would reverse that by deporting everyone when the border is overrun with too many people to process.
  • Creates sanctions for the criminal cartels who traffic dangerous drugs like fentanyl and meth into our country
  • Finally finishes vetting the Afghan refugees that have been in our country for two years and accelerates the processing of the Afghans that fought alongside our troops who are already in the country
  • Moves our national strategy one giant step closer to zero illegal crossings a day