Lankford on CNN SOTU: Israelis are Fighting Morally; Hamas is Not Fighting Morally

By: Lankford Joins CNN SOTU

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) joined CNN’s State of the Union to discuss the latest news from the war between Israel and the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hamas. Lankford outlined what he hopes to see in aid to Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, and the need for policy changes when it comes to the US southern border to deter individuals from coming through illegally and released into the country, including individuals on the terrorist watchlist.

Lankford also addressed that the threat of Iran is not just limited toward Israel, but they are also targeting the US and have tried to attack US troops 19 times. 


Tapper: The Israeli government and the Israeli Defense Forces claim that Hamas puts command and control centers underneath hospitals. Specifically, they’re talking about Gaza’s biggest hospital. No one disputes that the hospitals have in them patients, doctors, nurses, and individuals seeking shelter; have you seen intelligence suggesting that is true? That Hamas uses these hospitals including Gaza’s largest hospital as command control centers either in the hospitals or underneath them? Is that something you believe to be true? 

Lankford: …it’s long been noted that Hamas uses schools, they use mosques, they use hospitals to actually hide underneath. They have tunnel systems that are underneath these different facilities where they can hide fighters; where they can hide weapon systems or ammunitions stashes because they know they can use people in these locations as human shield[s]. And locations as they can use…to be able to hideout. They know the Israelis will fight morally though Hamas is not fighting morally. Hamas can step in and slaughter 1400 people while they’re sleeping in their beds. And they hold Israel to a higher standard to say you won’t go after a hospital. Even when Hamas itself launched out rockets and actually struck one of their own hospitals, they blamed Israel for that, which has been well documented.