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Senator Lankford in The Washington Times: The freedom to bow our heads and pray in public

by Senator James Lankford

Telling grieving families that our thoughts and prayers are with them in times of tragedy or hearing people say "God bless the United States of America" at the end of a speech are common. They are part of our American tradition. Culturally, it is acceptable to talk about prayer, and even ask God for his blessings in public settings, but what if it goes a step further? What if we actually pray in public - closing our eyes and bowing our heads where others can see? Is that still free in America? … Continue Reading


Senator Lankford in The Oklahoman: Fact-checking the president's Keystone decision

by Senator James Lankford

President Obama on Friday announced his rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline project. Since the beginning of this debate, seven years ago, everyone generally knew of the president's opposition to oil, gas and coal, but no one dreamed he would hold a pipeline permit for over 2,000 days, then reject it with no data-based conclusions. When any president can hold a private construction permit for years, after it has been approved by every affected state, then reject the permit for political reasons… Continue Reading


Senator Lankford in Tulsa World: We need a regulatory process of the people and by the people

by Senator James Lankford

Many Oklahomans know the cost of basic items such as food, insurance, banking and consumer goods continue to rise, but some might not realize many of the cost increases are directly connected to new regulatory costs passed on to consumers. The federal government is eager to regulate every action of our lives, but the result of this accelerating federal regulatory activity is not good for our collective bottom line. The recent national Gross Domestic Product announcement of a measly 1.5 percent … Continue Reading


CRFB: Senator Lankford’s SSDI Amendment Continues Progress on Improving the Program

Committee For A Responsible Federal Budget Sen. Lankford's SSDI Amendment Continues Progress On Improving The Program During last week's debate on the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) offered up an amendment making many further changes to the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program beyond the ones already included in the law. Sen. Lankford's amendment contained a number of well-known ideas for improving the program, including some presented by the McCrery-… Continue Reading


Senator Lankford on Let Coach Kennedy remain free to pray, as we are in Congress

by Sen. James Lankford and Rep. Randy Forbes

As members of the House and Senate, we open each daily legislative session with prayer-a tradition which dates back to a prayer given before the First Continental Congress on September 7, 1774. Often, these prayers are given by the House or Senate chaplain, but at times members themselves have also offered the prayer. Were these prayers a violation of the Establishment Clause because they were offered by elected representatives? No - they are free expressions of personal faith that are consti… Continue Reading


Senator Lankford in The Norman Transcript: NDAA Would Help Strengthen Security

by Senator James Lankford

When I'm home, Oklahoma moms tell me over and over that they are worried about our nation's security. They are concerned for their kids; they are concerned about terrorism; they are concerned that the world is spinning out of control. Oklahoma moms are right to be concerned. The world has become a very chaotic place. The challenges need a clear strategy and the commitment to act on the strategy. Each year, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) authorizes the budget authority of the Depa… Continue Reading


Senator Lankford in Stillwater News Press: We Must Trust Farmers and Ranchers

by Senator James Lankford

It's always surprising to me how often bureaucrats in Washington, DC, who spend most of their life on concrete, want to control everyday Americans thousands of miles away who spend most of their life on dirt. They think they know better than hard-working Americans, and nowhere is this philosophy more evident than in the agricultural industry. Over the last few years, federal government overreach has reached new highs. The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Waters of the U.S. rule is a perf… Continue Reading


Senator Lankford on We cannot be a nation that does this to our children

by By Senator James Lankford

On Tuesday, an undercover video was posted online and reported on by various news outlets that showed a Planned Parenthood executive talking about the organization's operation of selling body parts of aborted children. After learning about it, I was immediately struck with deep emotion. It is hard to believe this is occurring in the United States of America. I realize that our nation remains divided on the issue of abortion, but surely we are not divided on the procurement and sale of human org… Continue Reading


Senator Lankford in National Review: Judicial Deference Enables Agencies to Usurp Congress’s Legislative Power

by Senator James Lankford

"It is emphatically the province and duty of the Judicial Department to say what the law is" declared Chief Justice John Marshall in the landmark case of Marbury v. Madison. For centuries this statement has stood as one of the most famous in American jurisprudence. It was a declaration of the role and duty of the judicial branch within our constitutional structure. The Constitution provides for three separate and distinct branches of government, each having a "check" on the other, thus allowin… Continue Reading


The Oklahoman: No shortage of issues to occupy Oklahoma's newest senator

by The Oklahoman Editorial Board

James Lankford was a quick study in the U.S. House of Representatives, rising to a leadership position after just a few years. Now Lankford, R-Oklahoma City, is boning up on life in the U.S. Senate, having won election last year to replace the retiring Tom Coburn. Coburn was a fiscal hawk who was never bashful about criticizing members of both parties for what he considered unnecessary spending and government waste. He also warned often about the loss of liberty stemming from an expansive centr… Continue Reading


Senator Lankford in The Hill: Another Looming Crisis: Social Security Disability Insurance

by Senator James Lankford

In May, over a thousand West Virginians and Kentuckians went to their mailbox and found letters telling them their disability checks would soon be cut off. Why? Because a government watchdog group had reason to believe that yet another lawyer and/or doctor was involved in Social Security fraud. This case of alleged disability fraud involves accusations of a small group of doctors with a rotating cookie-cutter diagnosis, attorneys who facilitated false forms and administrative law judges who … Continue Reading


Senator Lankford in The Oklahoman: TPA is good for U.S. and for Oklahoma

by Senator James Lankford

When we were 13 Colonies, instead of 50 States, in a document we now call the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson penned a long list of grievances against King George III, including, "cutting off our trade with all parts of the world." Before we were a nation, we were international traders. Trade has always been a pillar of the American economy. The world keeps tariffs high on America, because they fear our workers, our products and our quality. Made in America still means something to… Continue Reading


Senator Lankford in Fox News: A second chance to get America's health care right

by Senators John Cornyn and James Lankford

Health care reform has dominated our nation's political and social conversations for the past six years. After the implementation of ObamaCare, it is clear the law brought radical change and real pain to our nation's families, economy, and health care system. The promised "affordable health care fix" made things worse. The pending King v. Burwell case reveals another interesting legal problem with the policy and text of the Affordable Care Act. As written, the federally controlled subsidies an… Continue Reading


The Oklahoman: OSU grads received sound advice from Sen. James Lankford

by The Oklahoman Editorial Board

OKLAHOMA'S newest U.S. senator, James Lankford, is a conservative Republican through and through yet he had no trouble working with an ideological opposite to accomplish something constructive. This shouldn't come as a surprise - since going to Washington as a House member in 2011, Lankford has tried to get things done for the good of the country. We recall Lankford, R-Oklahoma City, telling us he was struck during his first few months in Congress with how much time members spent talking about … Continue Reading


Senator Lankford in The Norman Transcript: My Concern With The Iran Nuclear Negotiations

by Senator James Lankford

Amidst the various twists and turns of our nation's negotiation with Iran on a nuclear deal, one thing is clear: the American people are skeptical. Americans know that a nuclear Iran is a threat to every nation. Our concern is not just Iran in possession of a nuclear bomb; we all know that the leadership of Iran continues to threaten its neighbors and the World. Iran is the world's largest state-sponsor of terrorism and there is little doubt that if they had nuclear weapons, they could transfer… Continue Reading


Senator Lankford in Tulsa World: On the 20th Anniversary, we remember bombing tragedy by embracing the 'Oklahoma Standard'

by Senator James Lankford

It's been 20 years since we experienced the worst act of American home-grown terrorism at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. This solemn day stands as a reminder of the 168 souls that were lost. On a day where anger lashed out, Oklahomans responded with compassion. Every year since April 19, 1995, we stand together and read aloud the names of those who lost their lives. We remember the first responders who acted selflessly in a time of need. We remember the families impac… Continue Reading


Tulsa World: In Sapulpa: U.S. Sen. James Lankford cautious on Iran agreement

by Randy Krehbiel

U.S. Sen. James Lankford said Thursday that he will wait for details before passing judgment on the Obama administration's nuclear arms agreement with Iran but said, "If it's to the left of the U.N., that's probably a problem." Lankford was one of 47 U.S. senators who signed a letter sent last month to Iranian leaders cautioning against putting much faith in a deal with the Obama administration. Thursday evening, speaking to about 20 people at a community forum at Sapulpa City Hall, Lankford… Continue Reading


Senator Lankford on What Sustainability and Religious Freedom Have in Common

by Sen. James Lankford and Rep. Randy Forbes

Avid Chipotle customers seeking carnitas burritos for dinner may be disappointed over the coming weeks. The restaurant giant is reportedly no longer serving pork at about a third of its locations after it dropped a pork supplier that failed to live up to the corporation's standards of humane animal care. Despite the possibility that Chipotle's decision to pull pork from almost a third of its restaurants will come at a cost, the corporation's commitment to serving "food with integrity" has outwe… Continue Reading


Breitbart News: Exclusive—Sen. Lankford: Obama’s Exec Amnesty Unclear, ‘Intolerable Situation’ for Immigration Officers

by Matthew Boyle

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Border Patrol officers-along with their families-are living in fear and uncertainty every day under President Barack Obama's executive amnesty, Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview on Monday night. "What does the average family member of an ICE agent think?" Lankford said when asked what's going through the minds of agents as the president is telling them to ignore the law. They know their spouse, their husband o… Continue Reading


Senator Lankford in Tulsa World: Obama's Budget Ignores Fiscal Realities

by Senator James Lankford

A government budget should demonstrate financial priorities, spending and policy to address our nation's biggest challenges. Sadly, President Obama's latest budget proposal demonstrates an attitude of "close enough for government work" rather than excellence and forward thinking. Over the decades, presidential budgets have become more of a campaign document than an actual budget. But, it is the first legal step of the formal budget process. By law, the president's annual budget request must be … Continue Reading

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