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As Debt Talks Continue, Lankford Releases Waste Book on Ways to Cut Federal Spending

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WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today released Volume 7 of his federal waste book, Federal Fumbles: Ways the Federal Government Dropped the Ball. As President Biden and Democrats continue to say there is no path for spending cuts to go along with a deal on raising the debt limit, Lankford has outlined in the report waste and inefficiencies in the federal government and offers solutions and recommendations for long-term changes that need to begin immediately.

CLICK HERE to read the report.

Federal Fumbles: Ways the Federal Government Dropped the Ball is a glimpse at just some of the wasteful spending in the federal government. No one can seriously believe that there is no place in the federal budget to reduce spending. We should prioritize our spending to address areas we can cut in order to pay for important programs for veterans, seniors, children, national security, and more. We can eliminate wasteful, ineffective, or duplicative spending while still caring for the most vulnerable. Federal Fumbles is my starting point to stop complaining and start working on bringing down the national debt.”

CLICK HERE to view the Top 10 list or visit www.lankford.senate.gov/fumbles to read Volumes 1-7.