Lankford Applauds Competitive Federal Grant Awards for Tulsa, Stillwater Airports

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) applauded a $12.5 million competitive federal grant award at the Tulsa International Airport for construction of a new air traffic control tower and a $4.5 million award at the Stillwater Regional Airport for construction of a new terminal.

“The Tulsa Airport has desperately needed a new control tower for years,” said Lankford. “The existing structure is one of the oldest in the country with several safety concerns. I have toured the more than half-a-century-old structure and worked for years to ensure the safety issues are addressed. I am grateful they will finally have a proper facility. As Stillwater continues to grow, the regional airport also won support for its new terminal project, which means more travelers and more business for the region. These awards are great wins for their communities and the product of years of work with more to come. I look forward to continuing to ensure these and other airports around our state have what they need to keep Oklahomans and air travelers safe and moving.”

Lankford has worked directly with the Tulsa Airport and their partners for years to ensure the safety and facility concerns at the tower were addressed. Lankford sent a letter of support last October for Stillwater’s grant application for the award they received.

This award from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) “funds approximately 25 percent of the construction costs of a new replacement Airport Traffic Control Tower, which has three identified line of sight impediments and is not ADA compliant or accessible. Funding for this phase focuses on the vertical build construction.” According to the announcement, the award to Stillwater’s airport “funds approximately 20 percent of construction of eligible areas for the airport’s new terminal building. The new terminal will include larger gate hold areas for increased operational efficiency and capacity.”