Lankford: Democrats Should be Responsible for Their Reckless Spending

WASHINGTON, DC –Senator James Lankford (R-OK) issued the following statement on the vote to increase the debt limit: 

“I have been clear since July—I will not support a debt ceiling increase while President Biden and Democrats continue their reckless, partisan spending spree. Democrats want to increase the debt limit today then spend an amount to be determined later in the days ahead. The American people are already facing increased costs on goods from the excessive spending earlier this year. This needs to stop. We need to talk about real reforms to our broken budget process and how to get our spending back in balance after the pandemic.”  

In February, Lankford opposed Democrats’ partisan $1.9 trillion Budget Resolution and in March, he opposed Democrats’ progressive bill masked as “COVID relief.” Lankford also opposed the $1.2 trillion “infrastructure bill” that paved the way for the partisan Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Resolution that provides another $3.5 trillion in new entitlement spending.