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Lankford: Everyone Knows High Gas Prices Are Because of Biden’s Anti-Energy Policies

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WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today stood up for traditional US energy production and for Oklahoma families who continue to pay almost a dollar more for gasoline at the pump compared to last year. Lankford led a Senate Republican press conference today and said that Biden’s progressive anti-energy policies are to blame for the high prices at the pump, not just Putin’s war. Lankford offered specific examples of Biden’s anti-energy policies and discussed Biden’s misguided attempt to “solve” high gas prices by releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which Lankford explained would not solve the problem. Lankford also pointed out that although Democrats want to blame “big oil” for price gouging or blame Putin, the real problem is in the mirror.

Lankford continues to lead the Senate on how to address the problems Biden has caused, including stalled US energy production, skyrocketing gas prices, and increased home heating costs. Lankford recently introduced the Energy Regulations Certainty Act to prevent President Biden from issuing new US oil and gas regulations and restrictions until after Russian troops have withdrawn from Ukraine. Lankford sent two letters to the President urging him to restore America’s energy dominance and to change course on the failing energy policies that are emboldening Putin. Lankford stood up to FERC for its ongoing push to stifle and even stop US energy production because of Biden’s agenda that is lock-step with climate-change extremists.

Lankford continues to call out the Biden Administration for blaming everyone but themselves for high gas prices that were clearly high even before Russia invaded Ukraine due to their own bad policies. Lankford penned a column on Democrats’ attempts to blame energy companies for “price gouging” amid their calls to haul them before the House of Representatives this week.

Transcript of Lankford’s opening remarks

So there are obvious issues with gasoline prices across the country. You don’t have to go very far and you run into folks who are frustrated with the price of gasoline. I don’t know a single person that’s not filling up their tank across the country and saying, ‘This is killing my food budget, my housing budget,’ everything they have to be able to deal with. I asked some of my field team, just as they’re out and about this week across Oklahoma, to just snap a price of the gasses that’re going on right now this week in Oklahoma. And you can see in Kingfisher, just for regular unleaded here, Kingfisher, $3.99, and Tulsa, QT’s the winner here, at $3.53. We’d love to see that around Washington, DC, or many areas of the country. If you get into Marshall, Oklahoma, $4.29. If you get to El Reno, Oklahoma, $3.95, in Moore, Oklahoma, $4.00, and in Caney, Oklahoma, $3.99. This is just what’s happened in the last 24 hours around my state.

What’s interesting is people look at this and they fill up their tank, and they realize it’s $75 to $125 to be able to fill up their tank with gas. What that really means for them is they can’t travel more, they can’t get out more, they can’t do more because they understand, ‘I just can’t afford to be able to do that.’ That’s the real-life decisions of Americans as they process through all this.

Where did this come from? Well, currently the Biden Administration’s saying this is all Putin’s fault. We know that’s just factually not true. The price of gasoline rose from the day that President Biden came into office until the beginning of the war in Ukraine a dollar a gallon—a dollar during that time period. How did that happen? Was that because of oil companies, as over in the House of Representatives, they’re dragging in oil company executives and saying, ‘You’re gouging prices’?

Well actually let’s look at the math on this. Day-one of the Biden Administration, they stepped up and canceled the Keystone pipeline and people keep saying, ‘Why does that matter?’ Well, Canada produces heavy crude. The same type of heavy crude that comes out of Russia. So we’re either going to buy that heavy crude from Russia or from Canada, and day-one, President Biden said, ‘I want to buy that type of crude from Russia, not from Canada.’

The other factoid on this that’s interesting is the President’s just done a release of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The release he’s doing from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for a short period of time for the next several months is almost exactly what would be coming from the Keystone pipeline every single day from here on out. So while he’s trying to manipulate the prices with the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, you can actually increase production and input into our country from an ally like Canada that’d be reliable and predictable that would actually bring prices down.

What else did the President of the United States do? Day-one, cancels out the Keystone pipeline. Day-one, he looks at all the Trump Administration policies that do anything with energy and said, ‘Let’s re-evaluate all of those.’ Day-one, he shuts down everything that’s happening on federal lands as far as federal leasing—no federal leases. And he steps out and says, ‘Well there’s 9,000 that’re out there. They’ve got plenty of options on it.’ He knows the math on this. Most of those are checkerboards, where they’ll lease just one section, test it out, but they’re not going to really do production in that area until they have all the leases around it. He knows the game on that. And so, he can say there’s 9,000 leases out there really know as well that nothing’s really going to happen with it.

Twenty-four percent of the oil that we get in the United States comes from those federal leases. So when he has now, still, not re-opened the short-term moratorium on federal leasing, he’s cutting off the future of oil into our country. And it continues to accelerate prices. We’ve dealt with nominees that have come across the floor in the Senate that were the selection from the Biden Administration, that their whole focus was: how are they going to take away access to capital for oil and gas companies? And literally, this week, the Biden Administration announces that they want more American companies to do more production, but then this week they release they’re budget after saying to American companies, ‘Why aren’t you producing more oil,’ the Biden Budget has 15 brand-new tax proposals that they’ve got on the production of oil and gas.

So at the time that they’re saying to companies, ‘Y’all should produce more oil. You’re the problem,’ they’re not looking in the mirror, seeing 15 new taxes that they’re releasing, trying to cut off access to capital, trying to be able to make us more focused on what’s happening internationally. There are lots of issues that the Biden Administration needs to look at. This is not a result of Putin’s war. This is a result of Biden policies, and everyone knows it. And they can try to change the subject all they want to, but everyone knows, this is a direct result of the Biden policies that are here. That’s our frustration. There is a way to produce more American energy. There is a way to be able to bring prices down. They’re just not willing to do it at this point.