Lankford Fights to Protect Nation’s Capital From Soft-on-Crime Bill

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today will vote to protect Oklahomans, tourists, and those living in DC from rampant crime that has plagued the city since “Defund the Police” rhetoric started in 2019. The Senate is planning to vote later today on a resolution of disapproval that would overturn the DC Council’s bill. President Biden has indicated that he will not veto the resolution. 
Lankford spoke on the Senate floor to address his concerns. 
Crime in DC
Crime has gone up 25 percent just in the last year in Washington, DC. Just in the last year. So far, in 2023, the DC Metropolitan Police Department…there have already been 38 homicides in the city, 215 assaults with a dangerous weapon, 298 robberies, 164 burglaries, 1,182 motor vehicle thefts—and from last year to this year arson is already up 300 percent. And this [photo pictured above] has become the common sight around the city. 
What in the world is going on?
In the middle of rampant increase in crime in Washington, DC, the DC City Council’s response to this, in an overwhelming vote, was to reduce penalties for felonies and to … say if you committed a misdemeanor then you actually have to have a jury trial as well knowing full well that will clog up the courts and basically misdemeanors will never be heard. …So their plan to reduce this rapid increase in crime is to not enforce the law, and if you were caught to get you out faster. 
Congress’ Constitutional Authority over Washington, DC
This is not outside the bounds of Congress’ responsibility. From the United States Constitution, Article I, Section 8, line 17, ‘To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of Government of the United States,’… Congress has the responsibility to oversee what is happening in Washington, DC.
What this Means for Americans Traveling to DC
… For all the folks coming next week from Oklahoma that will be on spring break. This city will be full of Oklahomans coming to be able to visit all these museums and it needs to be a safe place… And it needs to be a spot that they want to be able to come. Not a spot that looks like this [photo pictured above] all over the streets. This should not be so. 
So, it is time that we speak out for a simple principle—defunding the police, decriminalizing criminal activity, taking outschool resource officers out of schools, and saying ‘we just won’t enforce the law’ doesn’t stop crime. It accelerates crime, and for the good people of Washington, DC who just want a safe city to live in. And for the folks who are work and touring, they just want to come to a safe place where they are not afraid. Let’s invite them to come see the Capitol, not see this [photo pictured above] in Washington, DC.