Lankford From CPAC Talks About the Need for US to Ramp Up Oil & Gas Production

ORLANDO, FL – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) joined Fox News and Newsmax today live from CPAC to discuss the immediate need for the US to ramp up oil and gas production to stifle Russian sales, which are funding Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.



Is opening up the Keystone Pipeline, is that the solve? 

Lankford:he (Biden) is so busy pleasing the environmental left and suddenly all those chickens are coming home to roost at this point. When he realized, here’s the real results of that policy. The result of that policy is all those things empower Putin’s Russia so Putin can get more money from his oil and gas sales and use that money to murder his neighbors. So, the environmental left  and their policies, and Biden going along with all that is directly connected to Putin being in power to be able to attack Ukraine. What we need to do is increase production here, increase those sales, and allow Europe to be able to have a different supplier other than Russia. But, right now, Biden is adamantly opposed to more exports…