Lankford, Inhofe Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Senators James Lankford (R-OK) and Jim Inhofe (R-OK) released the following statements after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine: 

“Operation Warp Speed is the result of public-private partnership and American ingenuity,” said Lankford. “Through a great deal of hard work and innovative science, we have two safe and effective vaccines and more in the pipeline. Today the US Capitol’s Office of Attending Physician encouraged Members of Congress, under the continuity of government protocols, to take the vaccine as soon as possible. I received my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine this afternoon. I will receive the second dosage in 21 days.”

“Today, because I wanted to show my confidence in the safety of the vaccine and as part of the continuity of government protocols, I received the COVID-19 vaccine from the Office of the Attending Physician,” Inhofe said. “Because of the incredible work of scientists and researchers, along with the health professionals at the FDA, Operation Warp Speed, and the Trump Administration, we have a safe vaccine in record time. I am fully confident in its safety and efficacy, and I urge all Oklahomans and Americans to get the vaccine when it is available to them. Any funding bill must have resources for distribution to make sure the vaccine gets to our frontline health care workers and all Americans.”