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Lankford Issues Statement in Support of Confirmation of Nominee to Head US Agency on Global Media

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today issued a statement on his support of Michael Pack to lead the US Agency on Global Media (USAGM), the federal agency comprised of five media organizations tasked with promoting American values and advancing access to information for people in closed societies.

“We often take our country’s First Amendment rights to a free press for granted, but millions around the world live in closed countries where they only have state-run media and they have little opportunity to learn about human rights and freedom. The little-known, but highly influential, US Government Agency on Global Media seeks to promote our values and free media around the world, especially to nations that don’t hold our same values.

“Strong leadership at the head of this organization is essential, but since 2018 this position has been vacant. Michael Pack is well qualified and prepared to take on this role on behalf of the American people to share our American values and positions worldwide as part of our foreign policy.”

Lankford has advocated for reforms to the US Agency on Global Media that would ensure its media outlets promote American values and tell the American story abroad. The creation of the CEO position to replace the Broadcasting Board of Governors is an important first step to increase the effectiveness of federal broadcasting.

Lankford is also pushing reforms for Voice of America, one of USAGM’s entities, to be utilized as a tool for public diplomacy following several instances of VOA outlets reporting Chinese and Iranian disinformation and propaganda. Lankford is also advocating for USAGM to prioritize investments in firewall circumvention tech to support people’s ability to access the internet and communicate online.