Lankford joins Newsmax and Fox News Radio to Discuss Biden’s Refusal to Buy American Energy

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WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) joined Newsmax Wake Up America and Fox News Radio The Brian Kilmeade Show to discuss that President Joe Biden is pushing made in America except for US oil and gas, and reacting to the latest inflation numbers jumping from 7.5 percent to 7.9 percent, and the latest of the bloated government funding spending bill. 

Lankford was clear, that the US should not buy oil from the Iran, largest state sponsor of terrorism or Venezuela.   


 On Newsmax discussing US Energy Independence: 

…this is something I’ve called out for days now. Biden’s simple statement of buy American steel but not buy American oil and gas. The reason is they are very beholden to the environmental-left here in the United States. They’re really the ones running the White House at this point and their goal is to reduce energy production in the United States knowing full well that we have to have that energy from somewhere. But they want to be able to stand up a crow and say ‘United States has reduced our carbon footprint’ even though we’re still we’re buying from Venezuela, from Russia, from Iran, and from Saudi Arabia. Their focus is, if we buy it from somewhere else then they can have a bad environmental score. We just want to have a good environmental score in America. It’s completely irrational when you’re talking about a global issue…

On Newsmax discussing Inflation Now at 7.9%: 

…People need to remember that’s the inflation index number before the war happened in Ukraine…they’re [Biden Administration] immediately going to run out and say this is all because of that. It’s not. This is the Biden policies. This is what he put into place last March when everyone told him not to dump $2 trillion into a growing economy. When they did that anyway it causes inflation. Inflation feeds inflation—that’s very hard to be able to stop. The American people are going to be able to continue to suffer.