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Lankford Opposes Bloated Schumer China Bill That Lacks Focus, Adds Debt, and Subtracts Stability

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) issued the following statement after he voted today to oppose the United States Innovation and Competition Act, a bill that seeks to address US competitiveness with China:

“The US Innovation and Competition Act is not focused, strategic, or affordable. The bill was supposed to limit China’s rising influence around the world, but this bill will require borrowing money from China before we can implement the plan to limit China. 

“The communist Chinese government remains the greatest economic and security challenge facing our nation and the free world. We should have a serious and intentional debate on trade, national security, energy, supply chains, environmental damage, and human rights in China, instead of this random collection of policy ideas.

“The central control of innovation and production advocated in this bill gives the impression that we are trying to ‘out China,’ China. We became the strongest economy in the world through our freedom, not our central management. We should partner universities with private businesses to spark innovation, increase our own development of critical minerals, aggressively negotiate trade agreements around the world, and isolate Chinese companies for their clear human rights violations.  

“US businesses face relentless hacking attempts, intellectual property theft, and a strangle hold on the critical mineral supply chain. China commits horrible human rights abuses against religious minorities and workers of all ages, and they have stripped the freedom and autonomy of our friends in Hong Kong. We should confront the real threat from China, but we should be smart about how we do it. I will continue to work toward solutions that counter China’s rising influence and make us less dependent on Beijing in the future.”