Lankford Pushes Up His Sleeves to Help Clean Up in Seminole, Surrounding Area

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) and his wife Cindy today put on their work gloves and volunteered alongside our Oklahoma friends and neighbors helping with debris removal and cleanup in Seminole and the surrounding area. Lankford offered video remarks this afternoon as he worked to feed volunteers, clear debris, and meet with local leaders to assess the damage and the needs of the community going forward.


I’ve been in Seminole most of the day today getting a chance to be able to see not only what’s happening in the command center, what’s happening with local authorities, which has been a lot, whether it be fire, law enforcement, sheriff’s department, Oklahoma emergency management. There’s been a lot of engagement here in the community, a lot of churches that are stepping up to be able to help.

First Baptist Church Seminole is providing all the feedings. It’s just hundreds of people that are out of power, out of water here in the area, and then I’ve been out for a while actually helping clear limbs and debris so people can literally get in and out of their house. Today is a day that’s literally just trying to be able to get to the next step of how do we get out of the house, how do we start getting some debris around, patching up roofs, and trying to be able to keep more water from coming in and taking that first step.

For the folks that are here in this community. This is not going to be a weekend event. This is going to be months to be able to recover. So as folks can, they need to be able to come in and to be able to help volunteer because it won’t be cleaned up for a while because there will be a lot of need here for quite a while.