Lankford Recognizes 26th Anniversary of OKC Bombing

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WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today honored victims, families, and first responders on the 26th anniversary of the tragic bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. Twenty-six years ago, the Murrah Building was the target of America’s deadliest act of domestic terrorism, claiming the lives of 168 individuals, including 19 children. The Oklahoma Standard of taking care of our neighbors and offering anything and everything we can to help others was nationally recognized out of this horrible tragedy.


It’s April the 19th. As Oklahomans and as Americans, we pause to remember. We remember the 168 lives that were lost, including 19 children. We remember the law enforcement, first responders, volunteers—all 12,000-plus of them that ran to that scene in the Murrah Building, to be able to do what they could to be able to help the survivors, to be able to walk alongside the families, and be able to care for us as a community.

For those of us that were alive during that time period, we remember extremely well. For those that have been born since those moments, you know the effect that’s had on our community because you’ve seen it in our lives and in our actions and in our response. We remember, and we also know that we don’t want to ever have this day happen again anywhere, to any community, and any place. So we stand alongside those families, especially those families that are survivors or the families of those first responders, law enforcement, and others that came to volunteer. This day means something very different to them. Check on them. Continue to be able to encourage them and hear their first-hand stories, so that we would not forget.

Just like the Survivor Tree, we’re still standing. We’re still standing with each other; we’re still standing for what is right. God bless you on this day, and may we always remember.