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Lankford Says Biden Has Several Crises He Needs to Address During State of the Union Address

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today issued a statement on what he expects to hear tomorrow night during President Biden’s State of the Union Address:  
“The State of the Union serves as a time for a president to address Americans on the strength, progress, and unity of the nation. With soaring inflation and record American debt, I also need to hear the plan to restore fiscal sanity, not his plan to spend even more.
“Oklahomans want to know what President Biden’s plans are to reverse his broken policies that have left our border in a crisis. We want to know his plan to finally secure the border, promote legal immigration, and put an end to catch and release.
“I need to hear his plan to address the growing threat from communist China, especially given how emboldened they are after their spy balloons successfully drifted over the United States. We need to know his plan on trade that will decrease our dependency on China and bring jobs back to America. As Iran continues to destabilize the Middle East region, President Biden is the first President in modern history to not articulate a direction for peace in the Middle East.
“Following a year of massive government overspending, our national debt is the most predictable crisis we face. I hope he will present his plan to address the overspending that has spiked inflation and put us on a fiscal cliff.
“Oklahomans want to know what the President is actually planning to do to ensure our national security, fix the economy, and to ensure the US becomes energy independent. We want to use our own resources, not beg Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and China for energy.” 
Since President Biden refused to meet with members of the Border Patrol Council on his recent trip to El Paso, Lankford invited Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd to be his guest. Lankford is a member of the Senate Committees on Homeland Security, Intelligence, Ethics, and Finance.