Lankford Secures Funding for Vital Public School Renovation on Altus Air Force Base

WASHINGTON, DC – After making the request last July, Senator James Lankford (R-OK) offered the following statement to celebrate that Altus Air Force Base is expected to receive vital funding to improve the L. Mendel Rivers Elementary School on Base, which has classrooms for pre-kindergarten to fourth grade, and is badly in need of repairs, safety upgrades, and general renovations:

“I have personally toured Rivers Elementary and seen the need to dramatically improve the facility for the students on the Altus Air Force Base and in the community. The base has been laser-focused on getting these vital renovations at the school. I helped ensure that request was heard loud and clear in Washington and fought for the funding needed for upkeep of schools on military installations across the country. Today is an exciting day to get to announce that our partnership has literally paid off as this funding is expected to be coming their way for much-needed renovations. As always, Altus Air Force Base continues to demonstrate excellence as they pursue their mission, and now we can ensure the students of Rivers Elementary have the facilities they need to thrive.”

The funding for this project comes from the existing funding stream for Public Schools on Military Installations, which is located within the Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation and “Provides funding to construct, renovate, repair or expand public schools located on military installations to address capacity and/or facility condition deficiencies.”