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Lankford Strongly Opposes Massive Federal Spending Bill

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today offered the following statement after he voted to oppose a massive 4,155-page, almost $2 trillion “omnibus” federal funding bill that once again further demonstrates Congress’ inept spending behavior and complete lack of interest in properly funding the needs of the federal government in a timely, responsible manner:

“When do Americans get to see in advance how Congress will spend their money? Once again, Washington, DC treats Oklahomans’ tax dollars and the future of our economy like fake Monopoly money. My office had only hours to review a 4,155-page, almost $2 trillion bill to fund the government. This is no way to run the greatest nation in the world, especially since the bill includes record-high deficit spending. Americans deserve and expect a functioning government that lives within our means. I will keep pushing to solve this broken budget process and bring more people to the table to get this fixed.”