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Lankford Votes ‘No’ on Continuing Resolution, Again

WASHINGTON, DC –Senator James Lankford (R-OK) issued the following statement after the Democrats’ continuing resolution (CR) passed the Senate: 

Our nation is faced with chaos at the border, with the vaccine mandate, inflation, and supply chain issues. Meanwhile, Congress continues to spend taxpayer dollars at record speed that continues to inflate the chaos. It’s time to focus on actual solutions that Americans want: stop reckless spending, stop the vaccine mandate, and secure our border. I strongly oppose kicking the can down the road and avoiding the real problems Oklahomans want answers to.”  

Ahead of the vote on the CR, Lankford voted in support of an amendment to defund all aspects of Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate on federal employees, federal contractors, the military, healthcare entities and private businesses. 

Earlier this evening, Lankford also called out the Democrats for demanding an additional $7 billion for Afghan refugee resettlement after failing to submit a required report on how the initial $6 billion was spent.