Lankford Votes to Keep Paying Deployed Oklahoma Military Families & Keep Government Open

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) provided the following statement after voting in support of a continuing resolution that would fund the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, Transportation and Housing and Urban Development, Agriculture and Energy and Water spending bills at current levels through January 19, 2024, and would provide funding for the remainder of federal agencies through February 2, 2024:

“While I was in Africa over Veterans Day weekend, our troops, who are serving in intense heat, were told the contract for Gatorade would have to pause because they had to save money in case of a government shutdown. Even the threat of a shutdown harms our military, federal agencies, and American families. I’ve said for years that we need full-year spending bills that are negotiated, amended, and debated with consideration for what the American people actually need while eliminating waste and duplication. My focus remains on how to actually fix our broken budget and spending process so we can tackle our astronomical national debt. We should pass my Prevent Government Shutdowns Act, which keeps Congress’s dysfunction in DC—not the rest of America.”