Lankford Votes To Put Final Nail in the Coffin of Democrats’ Federal Takeover of Elections Bill

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today issued a statement following his vote to stop Democratselection takeover bill: 

“Last year, Democrats brought up their so-called “voting rights” bill four times and four times it failed. Their fifth attempt has resulted in the same outcome. Americans have been clear—we do not want to federalize our elections. In 1965, our nation took a strong, bold step to protect the rights of every single individual to vote. Federal courts still have the authority to stop any law in any state that suppresses the right to vote. This partisan election takeover bill takes power from each governor, state legislature, and state election official and puts it in the hands of bureaucrats in DC. I strongly disagree with taxpayer funded campaigns, same-day voter registration, gutting voter ID laws, and forcing states to seek permission from the Department of Justice before making any changes to their voting laws. 

“My Democratic colleagues need to think carefully about the next steps—eliminating the filibuster will not help our Republic. The legislative filibuster is what gives the minority a voice so our nation doesn’t swing from one political extreme to another. It’s time Democrats heed the outcry of our nation and stop this power hungry charade masked as an effort to protect voting rights.”

Lankford spoke at length on the Senate floor and released a video to highlight the harm of passing legislation to federalize elections and blowing up the legislative filibuster. Lankford also pointed out Democrats’ hypocrisy by reading their previous statements on protecting the filibuster, including Leader Chuck Schumer and then Senator Joe Biden.