Senator Lankford Announces Senate Staff

WASHINGTON, DC— Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today announced the appointments for his staff in the United States Senate:

“I’m excited about the team we have assembled on behalf of the people of our state,” said Lankford. “The Senate has some serious challenges ahead and this team will help us find effective solutions on behalf of all Oklahomans.”

Washington DC Staff:

Greg Slavonic, Chief-of-staff
Michelle Altman, Legislative Director
D.J. Jordan, Communications Director
Linda Good, Administrative Director
Rachel King, Executive Assistant
Sarah Seitz, Legislative Counsel
Bryan Berky, Legislative Assistant
Valerie Manak, Legislative Assistant
Katherine Mayne, Legislative Assistant
Adam Farris, Foreign Policy Legislative Correspondent
Mac Johnson, Legislative Correspondent
Jonathan Moyer, Legislative Correspondent
Riley Pagett, Legislative Correspondent
Jillian Neville, Digital Media Director
Alyson Moore, Staff Assistant
Jaclyn O’Neil, Staff Assistant

Oklahoma Staff:

Mona Taylor, State Director
Maressa Treat, State Outreach Director
Kevin Kincheloe, Tulsa Field Office Director/Policy Advisor
Kelly Ferguson, Correspondence Editor/Grant Manager
Kristen Adams, Oklahoma Executive Assistant
Emily Burner, Constituent Services Representative
Tuca Ogle, Constituent Services Representative/Latino Community Liaison
Patti Liles, Constituent Services Representative
Paula Corley, Constituent Services Representative
Mike Yates, Constituent Services Representative
Janice Hagan, Staff Assistant, Oklahoma City Office
Meagan Jennings, Staff Assistant, Tulsa Office
Austin Manger, Field Representative/Policy Advisor, Oklahoma City Office
Steve Carson, Field Representative for Southwest Oklahoma/Director of Security
Amanda Hill, Field Representative for Southeast Oklahoma

On Tuesday, January 6th, Senator Lankford was sworn in as the 18th Senator from the State of Oklahoma. He will serve on the Senate Republican Whip Team for the 114th Congress, as well as the following four Committees: the Committee on Appropriations, the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, the Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Committee on Indian Affairs.