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Senator Lankford Applauds President Trump Executive Order to Reorganize Executive Branch

WASHINGTON, DC –Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today released the following statement on President Trump’s government reorganization and modernization Executive Order: 

“I applaud President Trump’s Executive Order to develop a plan that will reorganize and reduce duplication in federal agencies. This directive from the President will allow agencies to address areas that are wasteful, and prioritize the departments and programs that are most needed by Americans. It is time the federal government address overlap, duplication, and wasteful spending—and this is a strong step in the right direction to achieve these goals. I encourage President Trump’s team to look at my Federal Fumbles: 100 ways the government dropped the ball report as they address areas in their departments to reorganize.

“As the administration puts together a plan, Congressional action is necessary to fix many of the larger instances of duplication and waste throughout the federal government. I look forward to working with the Administration to develop this important legislation.”

Lankford chairs the Senate Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs and Federal Management, and he has proposed multiple government reform bills, such as the Taxpayers Right to Know Act and the Stop Settlements Slush Fund Act, that directly focus on government transparency and reducing wasteful spending. Lankford also released his second-annual government waste report in November 2016, which outlines $247 billion in wasteful and inefficient federal spending and regulations, but also includes solutions to each of the examples of government waste.