Senator Lankford Backs Congressman Bridenstine and Director Pompeo for Key Roles in the Administration

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WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today delivered a floor speech to show support for the confirmation of Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) to serve as Administrator of NASA and current CIA Director Mike Pompeo to serve as Secretary of the US Department of State. During the speech, Lankford spoke on Bridenstine’s extensive background, which provides him experiences necessary to serve as NASA administrator. The Senate is scheduled to vote on Bridenstine’s final confirmation today.

Earlier this week, Lankford met with Director Pompeo to discuss his appointment to serve as Secretary of State. On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations will hold a vote on Pompeo’s nomination. 


On Congressman Jim Bridenstine’s nomination to be the Administrator of NASA: 

Now he has months, and months and months gone through the process, gone through committee hearings, gone through all kinds of support. The committees he served in the House of Representatives in a bipartisan letter with wide majorities to the Senate saying we’ve worked with Jim Bridenstine. He’s exceptionally knowledgeable about issues on space. He’s a great choice and they sent that letter over from the House to the Senate. Multiple individuals have written letters in support of Jim Bridenstine, including Sean O’Keefe, who is the former NASA administrator, Buzz Aldrin also sent extensive support for Jim Bridenstine including a remarkable op-ed and the support for him.

He’s extremely smart and extremely engaged and he has been very attentive to the issues of space. Serving in the House of Representatives, he has made his focus space and research and trying to be able to realign NASA into mission focus…. Jim Bridenstine has been very, very passionate about trying to get NASA back on focus with a big vision and a big mission.  

Eight months this has taken to get to a vote on NASA administrator. Let’s get him on his task and let’s get him going. We need him in this spot and I think he will do a fine job. And, it’s not just my opinion, its folks from all over the country that have risen up and looked at him clearly said he is the right person. 

On CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s nomination to be Secretary of State: 

I’ve been very interested that there’s been all this debate about Mike Pompeo. Mike Pompeo is a friend. I’ve been amazed at the smears in the press and the attacks on his personal character…Quite frankly, one of the things I would want to come back to say is, meet him. You are going to find a fine leader who is dedicated to help our nation. Who has done it on the battlefield, who has done it as a representative, who has done it as the director of the CIA, and will do an incredible job helping us diplomatically world-wide in the State Department. I’m looking forward to supporting his nomination. Not because I’m a Republican and it’s a Republican nomination but because he is a quality individual that genuinely wants to help the country.