Senator Lankford Invites Oklahomans to Java with James in Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today released a video message inviting Oklahomans traveling to Washington, DC to a weekly constituent coffee called Java with James. The constituent coffee takes place every Wednesday that the Senate is in session from 9am-10am ET in Lankford’s office, 316 Hart Senate Office Building. The video describes what visitors can expect when they visit and the amenities the office can provide constituents, such as tours of the US Capitol and the Library of Congress, maps, and information for museums located on the National Mall and the surrounding area. A typical day in Congress for Lankford includes hearings in one of the 12 different committees and subcommittees that he serves on, as well as, 15 to 20 meetings per day. However, he makes it a priority to set aside time for Oklahomans when they travel to DC. 

CLICK HERE to watch the video

Video Excerpts:

…on Wednesday mornings at 9:00 am, there are no committee meetings during that time period, and we block off every week at 9:00am for what we call ‘Java with James’. When Oklahomans come in, get a chance to visit, and meet each other…I get a chance to meet them and hear what’s going on.

If you’re ever in Washington DC, whether be family vacation, business, or just coming through town, and you’re here on a Wednesday, stop by – love to be able to give you a cup of coffee, and be able to sit and visit for a while; and be able to catch up on what’s happening in your town, and what’s happening in your family as well, and also catch you up personally on what’s happening in DC. 

But anytime that you’re here, please let our staff know, so we can help you get information about what’s going on in DC, get you tours in different places, and get a chance to connect with a cup of coffee.