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Senator Lankford Questions CIA Director Nominee Gina Haspel

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WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today questioned CIA Director nominee Gina Haspel during her confirmation hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Lankford noted the significant bipartisan support for her confirmation from former intelligence officials and CIA Directors. Lankford also asked Haspel about drug trafficking, counter narcotics work, and also international cyber threats.


(0:04-1:20) Senator Lankford: Ms. Haspel thank you, for your over three decades of work for our nation – the lack of recognition that you’ve had for three decades from our nation, because you’ve served in a way that no one has seen. So, this is an opportunity that we get to be able to say ‘thank-you’ to you for a lot of years and a lot of service being able to protect our nation. It’s also pretty remarkable in some of the dialogue today, as I go through the very long list of people that have recommended you and that are both Republican and Democrat. And to be able to see the reports that have been written by the Inspectors General about you, and previous DOJ (Department of Justice) about you, that have cleared you of any concerns, and that have reaffirmed you. And whether it is President Obama’s Director of the CIA John Brennan or whether it is Jim Clapper, Director of National Intelligence for President Obama, Henry Kissinger, John McLaughlin, Mike Morell, Mike Mukasey, John Negroponte, Leon Panetta, George Tenet, the list goes on and on. The people that have looked at your record and have examined it and said you’d be a qualified leader for that [role]. That speaks well of your history and of your leadership.