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Senator Lankford Statement on Justice Kennedy’s Retirement

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today issued the following statement regarding Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement and the upcoming confirmation process. 

“I would like to thank Justice Anthony Kennedy for his 43 years on the federal bench. During his time on the Court, Justice Kennedy has served with honor and dignity. Even those who disagree with his decisions cannot question his dedication to the rule of law, the country, and the Supreme Court. The Senate will now perform its Constitutional responsibility of ‘advice and consent’ and evaluate a nominee from the President for this vacancy. It is very important for the Senate to confirm a nominee who is committed to the original meaning of the Constitution and understands the high Court’s role as an independent branch of the federal government. The recent Supreme Court rulings have demonstrated just how important this principle is. I look forward to the President’s nominee coming before the Senate in the next few months, and confirming a qualified nominee to the bench this Fall.”