Senator Lankford Statement on President Trump’s Budget

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today issued the following statement on the White House’s release of a budget guideline: 

“Today’s budget from the White House is the start of a conversation about the federal budget and how the American people’s hard-earned taxpayer money should be spent. I appreciate the White House using many ideas from my Federal Fumbles government waste report. Our nation still faces a massive $19 trillion federal debt that must be addressed with targeted cuts in spending, entitlement reform, and revenue from a growing economy. Congress now must fulfill its constitutional ‘power of the purse’ responsibility by actually completing our Appropriations process.”

The following White House budget guidelines are included in Senator Lankford’s Federal Fumbles report:

  • Elimination of the Essential Air Service (page 64 of 2015 report)
  • Reduction of land acquisition funding, and refocus on maintaining existing national parks, refuges and public lands (page 108 of 2015 report)
  • Increased investment in National Park Service deferred maintenance projects, and reduction for Dept of Interior construction and major maintenance programs (page 108 of 2015 report)
  • Investment in efforts to prevent fraud in Medicare and Medicaid (page 31 of 2015 report & page 22 of 2016 report)
  • Reduction and reorganization of NIH funding by $5.8 billion (multiple pages in 2015 and 2016 reports)
  • Elimination of funding for Green Climate Fund (page 50 of 2016 report)
  • Elimination of funding Clean Power Plan (page 79 of 2015 report)
  • Elimination and reorganization of funding for NEA and NEH  (‘forward progress’ in 2016 report)
  • Elimination of Delta Regional Authority (page 38 of 2016 report)
  • Elimination of Institute of Museum and Library Services (page 19 of 2016 report)