Senator Lankford Statement on Supreme Court Opening Arguments for King v. Burwell

WASHINGTON, DC— Senator James Lankford (R-OK) released the following statement on today’s opening oral arguments for the Supreme Court case, King v. Burwell:

“Obamacare has caused harm to our nation’s families, economy, and health care system. The King v. Burwell case reveals yet another problem with the policy and implementation of this law. The plain text of the law did not permit subsidies or employer mandates when a state chose to reject Obamacare. The administration case’s legal argument encourages a new method of reading any law in America: the text is not important, only the administration’s interpretation of the text matters. This King v. Burwell case is about much more than one poorly written health care law; it is about how and who interprets any law in the future.

“It’s also extremely disappointing that the Obama administration has admitted that they have no contingency plan to help families who could be affected by the King v. Burwell decision. Senate Republicans stand ready with health care reform alternatives that will eliminate Obamacare’s problems and improve our health care system.”