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Senator Lankford Supports President Trump’s Emergency Declaration

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today voted against the Senate’s resolution of disapproval regarding President Trump’s declaration of emergency to address the humanitarian crisis at the southern border. A “no” vote on this resolution means Senator Lankford approves of the President’s actions to secure the border. Despite Lankford’s “no” vote, the resolution of disapproval passed 59-41 but is expected to be vetoed by President Trump.

“There are two questions involved in this vote to disapprove of the President’s emergency declaration regarding the drug and humanitarian crisis at the southern border. Is there an emergency, and, if so, is there statutory authority for the President to act? I believe the answer to both questions is ‘yes,’ which is why I opposed the resolution of disapproval today,” said Lankford.

“I believe we have an emergency humanitarian crisis at the southern border. The President in cooperation with USCBP has identified the top-10 drug trafficking corridors between the ports of entry. All new fencing will be built in the areas of highest illegal drug trafficking. Where there is recently constructed replacement fencing along the southern border, The fencing at strategic points along the border, which is what we have discussed for months now, is working. We must continue to build on this solution. We can and should work to prevent any unlawful entry into our nation while working to improve our legal immigration system. Leaders may disagree with the policy, but the National Emergencies Act of 1976 gives the President the authority to act. President Trump has the legal authority to declare a national emergency and use statutorily available funds and resources to address the emergency at our southern border. I look forward to our continued work to secure our border and end this humanitarian crisis.”

Lankford also spoke on the Senate floor just before the vote today to announce his decision to oppose the resolution of disapproval.