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Senators Lankford, Inhofe Statement on Senate Republican Draft Healthcare Bill

WASHINGTON, DC –Senators James Lankford and Jim Inhofe (R-OK) today issued a statement on the Senate Republican working draft healthcare bill:

“Insurance markets are collapsing under the Affordable Care Act,” said Lankford. “As time goes on, more insurance companies will pull out of the Obamacare exchanges and healthcare costs continue to rise. This year, about one-third of the counties across America, including all 77 counties in Oklahoma, have just one choice of an insurer in the exchange. Oklahoma is experiencing some of the most shocking rate hikes in the nation, with a premium increase of 76 percent just this year, on top of a 35 percent increase last year. As the market gets ready to release plans and prices for 2018, it’s more important than ever to stop the continued harm from Obamacare and improve healthcare choices and outcomes for the American people. Congress should pass a bill that provides a smooth transition from the Affordable Care Act to a better system that provides more affordable coverage options for everyone, with the goal in mind of doing no harm to current enrollees as the transition occurs. In the days ahead, I will analyze this healthcare working draft to ensure that it is affordable and practical for Oklahomans of all socioeconomic levels and all health conditions.”

“Oklahomans are hurting from Obamacare,” Inhofe said. “With just one insurer left in the entire state, Obamacare premiums rose 76 percent last year. They have risen 201 percent since 2013. The Republican-led Senate is committed to repealing and replacing Obamacare, which will help to stabilize collapsing insurance markets, make health insurance more affordable, and free the American people from the burdensome Obamacare mandates. I am continuing to review the details of the bill text released today and look forward to working with my colleagues in the coming days to address the crisis of Obamacare.”