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Oklahoma veterans deserve access to top-quality care

Veterans Day marks an important moment each year when we make sure those who’ve worn the cloth of our nation know how much we appreciate all they’ve done for us. Thank you. Most Oklahoma veterans we meet and personally thank humbly shrug off the “thank yous” from friends, family and even strangers and say they […]

Someone remind Joe Biden he works for Americans, not the other way around

Oklahomans don’t like the government telling them what to do. No matter what it is. I’ve talked to countless Oklahomans who were as shocked as I was when Joe Biden said in a recent speech that he had “lost patience” with the American people and demanded that Americans get a COVID- 19 shot. China and […]

Sen. James Lankford: What Our Nation Needs Most

Usually after a couple of snide comments about Washington, DC, and the state of the nation, people say to me, “I could never work with the people you work with; they would drive me crazy.” I typically just smile and ask, “Would you join me in praying for them? They are my mission field.”  As […]

US Stands with Hong Kong

While the world was distracted, Beijing escalated its threats against Hongkongers, eroded their autonomy, and removed their civil liberties. China’s newly implemented security law, which makes secession, subversion, terrorism, and foreign intervention criminal offenses, was immediately met with mass protests from pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong, which predictably led to mass arrests and oppression from […]

Supporting nonprofits is investing in our nation

Every company and nonprofit in America that had a “Vision 20/20” plan for this year was wrong. We’re midway through one of the most tumultuous years in our nation’s history, and there is no way to know what will happen next. But we can be certain that people will need help, and American nonprofits will […]

Embrace Hope in Southwest Oklahoma

Oklahomans are generous people. We give our time, our finances, and our prayers for each other. Even in good economic times, there are so many people around us with so many needs. Serving your neighbor is not about how much money you have or the title you hold; it’s about compassion, duty, and hope. While […]

Lowering drug prices with bipartisan, market-based proposals

Most Americans are affected in some way by rising prescription drug and healthcare prices. Whether you’re personally impacted or hear about the effects of rising costs on a family member or friend, you know things aren’t getting better. The Senate Finance Committee, on which I serve, started working this year on a series of hearings […]

Point of View: It’s almost Tax Day and the news is good

Tax Day is a significant day for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Since January, I’ve been able to hear from Oklahomans about how the tax changes affected their families and small businesses, but soon we’ll see the final numbers. Some national media have done all they can to find problems, and since no one […]

Senators Lankford, Tillis in The Washington Times: A conservative approach to DACA

No one in America, from all sides of the political spectrum, thinks the current immigration system works well. It hasn’t been updated in 30-plus years and the lack of action has led to a system that has incentivized illegal immigration and encouraged parents to take their children on the dangerous and often deadly trek across […]