JUST IN: Lankford on Fox News Radio Details How Biden Admin’s Extreme Abortion Agenda Puts Women at Risk  


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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) joined Fox News Radio’s Livin’ the Bream podcast with Shannon Bream to discuss the dangers of expanded access to abortion pills ahead of the Supreme Court oral arguments in FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine. As the Senate’s most pro-life member, Lankford has been a leading voice for the protection of life and an outspoken advocate against chemical abortions. He spoke on The Breakdown with one of the attorneys in the case and the chairman of the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine and also filed an amicus curiae brief that challenges the deregulation of chemical abortion drugs.


More than half of the abortions now in the country are these ‘do-it-yourself’ at home abortions where you’ll have these abortion pills that are actually mailed to someone and they’ll actually do that abortion by themself at home. There are a lot of complications that are out there that have been proven medically through this process.

What the Supreme Court is going to deal with is FDA’s decision to be able to lighten all of the restrictions and to be able to move in several ways. One is, you don’t have to see a doctor to be able to get this pill. Quite frankly, that’s a dangerous thing that all of us agree on. If you have an ectopic pregnancy and then you take this medication, it could actually take your life. You start hemorrhaging regardless when you take these pills. You start hemorrhaging in the process after you take the two different pill cocktail. But then, if you hemorrhage too much, you actually bleed out and you found out you had an ectopic pregnancy too late. You’ve got to be able to go in and evaluate that.

If you are later-term… you’re actually at high-risk of major complications on that. So, that’s why it’s always been done when you see a doctor to determine if you have an ectopic pregnancy, or if you’re later than you thought in your pregnancy so you don’t have that risk. 

There’s also a risk if you’re a Rh negative blood type. If you’re that blood type, then there’s a major problem there that actually during the abortion itself, as you’re having it at your house, the two types of blood actually mix between the baby’s blood and yours, and you actually will be infertile after that and not be able to have children. So, you’ve got all these major complications that you need to see a doctor. And what has happened is, the Biden Administration has been so focused on trying to increase the number of abortions in America, that they are wanting to waive that. Even if you end up in the emergency room, they literally are asking folks not to turn it in if you end up in the emergency room after taking these drugs unless the patient actually dies. If the woman actually dies, turn that in. But if she has any other complications, don’t even submit that. So the challenge that’s come to the Supreme Court from the FDA is…why are you doing this that seems to be putting people at risk, changing the rule, not going to a doctor, not going to the correct process and not even reporting if there’s completions. Which allows the Biden Administration to say these drugs are perfectly safe, nobody has reported there are any problems, because they’ve actually been told not to report unless there’s an actual death.