JUST IN: Lankford on Newsmax Calls Out Biden Admin for Failing to Track Special Interest Aliens, Putting National Security at Risk


View the video here or here.

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) joined Newsmax’s Wake Up America to call out the Biden Administration for the national security crisis at the southern border and to raise concerns over their failure to track Special Interest Aliens entering the US illegally. Last week, Lankford pressed FBI Director Wray for answers on how the agency is tracking Special Interest Aliens during an open Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing. Wray was not able to tell Lankford how many Special Interest Aliens are in the US currently. 


Lankford Sounds Alarm of Known National Security Risks Crossing Southern Border …The Administration’s been very…withholding of information trying to be able to keep us from finding out exactly how many people are on this list. As you mentioned, we have 58 people on the terror watchlist but the Special Interest Alien list, these are people we don’t know. They may be in the same family, travel within the same travel pattern, come from areas of known terrorism, or travel with terrorists that we know that risk is there, but we don’t know anything about them so they’re listed as a Special Interest Alien. Right now, as far as we can tell they’re just being released into the country pending a hearing, they’re freely roaming around the country and we believe the number is in the thousands of people that this Administration has identified as a national security risk but has not detained them.

Likelihood of a Major Terrorist Attack Because of National Security Vulnerabilities at Border …That’s been again been my concern for a long time because this Administration is unwilling to be able to enforce the border the same way President Trump did or even the same way President Obama did. If they would just do it that way, that would be better than what they’re doing right now, but they continue to say, ‘We don’t want people at the border being detained so we release them in the country, they can go wherever they want to, we’ll figure it out.’ We know just in the past several months they released somebody that was on the terror watchlist and then had to go chase them down. They were loose in the country, picked them up in Minnesota actually. But we also know that there are thousands of people that are on this Special Interest Alien list that DHS designates but the FBI doesn’t even know it. They’re not coordinating between DHS and the FBI to be able to know who they are, where they are even at the beginning much less where they are two days later.