Lankford on CNN State of the Union: Biden Could Secure the Border Right Now


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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) joined CNN’s State of the Union to discuss the crisis at the border, his reaction to Biden’s State of the Union speech, the Administration’s announcement to put a temporary pier in Gaza, his support for in vitro fertilization (IVF), and finally ending Daylight Saving Time. 


Lankford Elaborates on His Reaction During State of the Union Address: … I was listening to the President and obviously as he was walking through and I could hear my colleagues around me saying none of that is true. I was actually listening to the President and thinking, no that part is actually true. It [the border bill] would have hired all of those additional agents, would have expedited the [asylum] process [to deport illegal border crossers], and would have also changed the asylum standard… The only way to be able to solve this problem right now, legally, is to be able to change the asylum standard… The problem is the President also left out some of the things he could do. Now he’s choosing not to do. He has a very open parole system that literally thousands of people a day are coming across and being rapidly paroled. He is not actually doing what’s called the last in first up for hearing to deter people from coming across by having faster hearings in the process. So there are multiple executive actions. For whatever reason, the President is choosing not to use, but there’s also legal authorities that need to be done as well.

Lankford Calls for an End to Daylight Saving Time: Well I hope we can keep the conversation

going on this to actually pass Congress. As you know two years ago in the Senate this passed in the Senate and then the House never took it up. Let’s start the dialogue. I know there’s arguments between North and South whether we should have Standard Time, Daylight Saving Time. Where it should be my issue is lock the clock. Let’s not have the back and forth on this. This has come up so many times with folks that are moms that they’re little kids don’t make that shift. Whether you’re in agriculture, it’s hard to be able to make that shift and, quite frankly, as funny as it sounds  several years ago I was walking in a Veterans Day parade. And a veteran I saw that was watching the parade, an older gentleman, gets up from his lawn chair he actually walked into the parade route, shook my hand, and said ‘before I die would you end Daylight Saving Time.’ And I laughed in the middle of this parade route in said ‘of all the things I thought you would say to me today that is not what I thought you would say.’ He said, ‘I hate it. I’m in my 80s. I want you to get rid of Daylight Saving Time before I die.’ And I said, ‘Sir I actually have a bill with Marco Rubio to do exactly that. We want to be able to lock this clock.’ A lot of people are annoyed by it. It’s a relic of World War I actually when we were trying to save lamp oil. Let’s actually flick our lights on, and we can do this. In Arizona they’ve done this for years and somehow their kids are still getting to school on time commerce is still happening. And today in Arizona they’re not they’re not waking up with a clock that’s messed up.