Lankford Joins Fox News to Preview Senate Intel’s Worldwide Threats Hearing Tomorrow


View the video here.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) joined Fox News Live earlier today to preview a once a year open Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing that is happening tomorrow on Worldwide Threats.


On What Lankford is Most Worried About As a Threat to Our NationActually it is our southern border, right now, is a major threat because what we’ve seen is 50 people on the terror watchlist just in the last…four-and-a-half months. We’ve seen more than 10,000 people come across our southern border what are called Special Interest Aliens. These are individuals literally being trafficked in from all over the world from very vulnerable places. They’re coming right at the at the homeland. That is a major issue for us. Then you move from there, it’s obviously what’s happening in Europe right now…with Russia and Ukraine and that battle that will most definitely spill over in the rest of Europe, if that is not stopped now. Obviously what’s happening in Taiwan. And then the destabilization actually in Africa. A lot of people are not talking about, but we’ve had almost 10 coups in the last eight years that have happened in Africa. And they’re being destabilized and the rise of terrorism there. We’re keenly aware as Americans terrorism thousands of miles away does find its way to be able to come to the United States, if we don’t find a way to be able to stop it . So, we have plenty of issues to talk about.