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Lankford Applauds Supreme Court Decision to Stop Executive Overreach on Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today released a statement on the Supreme Court decision in West Virginia v. EPA. The Supreme Court ruled that the Clean Air Act does not provide EPA the authority to cap greenhouse gas emissions:

“The Supreme Court affirmed again the basic Constitutional fact that our nation has three equal branches of government and the responsibility of enacting laws lies solely with the Congress, not unelected bureaucrats. The EPA clearly overreached their authority when it forced Americans to transition away from certain power sources because of their preference, not stated law. The Supreme Court rightly ruled that the EPA may not require this scheme because Congress did not explicitly give the EPA this authority. This decision could help bring a balance in all agencies that consider writing regulations based on what they want the law to say, rather than what it actually says.”

Lankford lead an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in support of West Virginia along with 45 Senators and 44 House Members. Lankford also originally opposed when Biden undid the repeal of the Obama-era Clean Power Plan

Lankford is a member of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.