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Lankford Calls for American Energy Independence to Relieve High Gas Prices Ahead of Holiday Weekend

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WASHINGTON, DC  – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today joined Faulkner Focus on Fox News to discuss Biden’s ongoing border crisis that he refuses to address and why Lankford is pushing to keep Title 42 in place. Lankford said to Faulkner that a quarter of a million illegal border crossers are coming across the border in one month and Title 42 is allowing Border Patrol to return half of those illegal crossers. If Title 42 is lifted, the vast majority of illegal border crossers will be allowed to stay. Lankford introduced a bill with Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) that would push the Administration to keep Title 42 in place until a workable replacement plan is implemented to address the wide-open border.

As gas prices hit all-time highs, Lankford responded to the Energy Secretary’s comments that the Biden Administration can’t do anything to lower gas prices and we need renewable energy. Lankford disagreed with the Energy Secretary’s comments saying gas prices went up 50 percent in the first year of the Biden presidency because of their agenda to push Americans to renewable energy by raising the price of gas. He called for the Biden Administration to focus on US energy production instead of making the US more reliant on nations like China for energy infrastructure inputs like critical minerals.