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Lankford Keeps Wins Coming for Service Members’ and Veterans’ Health Care

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today announced another big win for veterans’ health care after the Defense Health Agency (DHA) shared that in January 2023, the Agency will provide an electronic process for patients to request reimbursement for prescriptions filled at any non-network pharmacy, which will make it much easier for veterans to get their prescriptions paid for through TRICARE.

“When an Oklahoma veteran shared their idea for a more efficient way of filing prescription claims with our team, we were able to find a way to implement their idea to solve every veteran’s payment processing challenges,” said Lankford. “This is how a government of the people, by the people, and for the people should function. Simple, care-driven choices are what our veterans and service members need from TRICARE and from our health providers. This is yet another positive step toward a 21st-century process for prescriptions for our heroes.”

Lankford heard from an Oklahoma veteran whose pharmacy did not participate in the TRICARE Network and so he was forced to file claims “manually” instead of electronically. Lankford took the issue directly to the source and sent a letter to DHA Director Lieutenant General Ronald Place, in June to ask him to explore electronic submission capabilities to keep veterans from being forced to manually (by fax or “snail mail”) submit their claims if their pharmacy is not in the TRICARE network. Last week, Lankford shared a major victory for veterans’ health care after CVS stated they will rejoin the TRICARE network for prescription drugs,

If a pharmacy does not participate in the TRICARE network, veterans, and service members who also utilize private insurance are forced to manually (by fax or “snail mail”) submit their claims for reimbursement by TRICARE for the remainder of a prescription cost. This change by DHA will mean that veterans who get their prescriptions from a non-network pharmacy will be able to file electronically.