Senator Lankford Applauds Senate Passage of Iran Sanctions Act

WASHINGTON, DC –Senator James Lankford today praised Senate passage of the Iran Sanctions Act (HR 6297), which extends existing sanctions’ authority on Iran until December 31, 2026. The sanctions aim to deny Iran the resources to support terrorism or develop weapons of mass destruction.

“I am encouraged that both the House and Senate have reasserted their authority as a co-equal branch of government and demonstrated overwhelming support of the Iran Sanctions Act. There are not many issues on which Congress is united, but it is clear that Republicans and Democrats alike are wary of Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon and consistent support of terrorism around the world. By extending the President’s authority to pressure Iran with crippling sanctions, Congress has ensured the next administration has the appropriate tools at their disposal to rein in the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism—Iran.” 

On July 14, Lankford and Deb Fischer (R-NE) introduced the Judgment Fund Transparency and Terrorism Financing Prevention Act, a bill to provide transparency and accountability for questionable taxpayer-funded payments to foreign nations, like Iran. On June 29, Lankford secured a provision in the State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations bill to require the Administration to provide more details on the $1.7 billion legal settlement payment to Iran in January. The legislation awaits a vote on the Senate floor later this year. On April 6, Lankford introduced a Senate resolution to ensure President Obama follows through on his commitment to reimpose sanctions if Iran violates the Nuclear Deal.