Senator Lankford Statement on France Terror Attacks

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today made the following statement on the multiple terror attacks in France:

“Today’s terrorist attacks in France are a grave tragedy. We stand with the French people as they contain the situation and assess the massive loss of life. Unfortunately, this is sadly reminiscent of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January.  

“While we do not yet know who is responsible, this attack has all the hallmarks of Islamic extremist terrorism. We must all stand up to the evil of terror – those who threaten freedom in America and abroad must be defeated. We do not accept their violence or their views; we reject their tactics, and we remind them of our resolve. 

“We are again reminded of the work our Intelligence community does here in America to keep us safe. The brave men and women in our military, law enforcement, and the intelligence community continue to work hard to protect us from similar terror threats every day.”

Senator Lankford is on the Intelligence Committee and Homeland Security Committee.