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Senator Lankford Statement on Governor Fallin’s Call To Suspend Syrian Refugee Program

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today released the following statement on Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin’s call to suspend the acceptance of Syrian refugees into the United States in the wake of the deadly terror attacks in Paris. 

“Millions of peaceful Syrian families have been forced to flee for their lives from religious and ethnic brutality. The small contingent of ISIL fighters rule over many villages in Syria and Iraq with ruthless vengeance. America has historically accepted thousands of refugees each year, but the refugees fleeing from Syria cannot be vetted the same as refugees fleeing from Central Africa or Central America; the unique risk is much higher. Until Congress and the American people can understand the detail of the background checks, the final selection process, and the strength of the security procedures, it is reasonable to suspend the movement of Syrian refugees to the United States. Currently, it takes over 18 months to vet a single refugee coming to the United States. To delay and evaluate the process does not significantly affect the program, but it does provide an additional layer of security for American families.”

The brutal violence from ISIL has contributed to a major Syrian refugee crisis in the region. For several decades, America has helped refugees who are escaping tyranny, including persecuted Christians. On October 21, Senator Lankford called on the Obama Administration to ensure a stringent vetting process to verify the backgrounds of refugees. CLICK HERE to read that letter to Secretary of State John Kerry.