Senator Lankford Statement on Funding Vote To Reopen The Government

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today made the following statement after voting for cloture on a 3-week Continuing Resolution (CR) funding bill, which passed 81-18. Following Senate final passage, the House must pass this bill, and the President must sign it into law for the government shutdown to end. 

“I’m pleased that Senate Democrats relented and finally agreed to reopen the government. Today, they voted for the exact offer we extended on Friday night before the shutdown. This all could have been avoided. Now is the time for this Senate to take up hard issues and begin debating and voting again. This is a unique opportunity to finally address some of our numerous immigration problems, including border security. I look forward to getting this important work done in the days ahead.”

Lankford has offered a number of solutions for DACA and border security. Last year, he introduced the SUCCEED Act and the SECURE Act