JUST IN: Lankford on Newsmax Pushes Back on Biden Admin’s Attempt to Undercut Israel in Fight Against Terrorism

By: Newsmax

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WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK), co-founder and co-chair of the Senate Abraham Accords Caucus, joined Newsline on Newsmax to push back on President Joe Biden’s plan to announce a port in Gaza for humanitarian aid during the State of the Union.

Following the terrorist attacks in Israel, Lankford spoke on the Senate floor and during a Senate Republican press conference in full solidarity with our friend and ally. He joined a resolution re-affirming support for Israel and also called on President Biden to work to immediately rescue Americans being held hostage by Hamas.


Lankford Calls on Biden Admin to Stand Alongside Our Ally Israel: Let me make it really clear that Israel is our ally, and we should be doing everything we can to be able to walk alongside our allies as our ally is trying to be able to prevent future acts of terrorism coming at them. We can’t lose track of the fact that on October the 7th, Israel was ruthlessly attacked by Hamas coming from the same area of Gaza, and the only reason that Israel is actually engaging in this war in Gaza right now is to be able to stop terrorism from coming at them and just stop the slaughter of Israelis that are there. And I understand there’s a humanitarian crisis we want to protect all civilian life, want to be able to guard this, but I don’t want our President to be able to go around Israel and to be able to say ‘We’re doing something in opposition of what Israel is interested in.’ Or to be able to do something in such a way that undercuts what Israel is trying to be able to accomplish there to be able to bring peace to the region. So I’ll have to see the rest of the details there. Honestly the whole region there and many of the countries whether it be Saudi Arabia or UAE or Qatar all those they need the ones actually taking the lead. They need to be the ones taking the lead there in some of the humanitarian efforts in Gaza and then also pushing the people there to actually not carry out acts of terrorism against Israel.