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Senator Lankford Supports the Passage of NDAA

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WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today applauded the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which is an annual defense bill to support the nation’s military and to ensure national security for the US. The bill passed by a vote of 85 to 10.

“The Senate today completed one of its primary responsibilities—standing up for national defense,” said Lankford. “When America is secure, we see growth in our economy and in our nation. I am grateful to support this bill as it continues to support the women and men who serve our national security.”

The Armed Services Committee included Lankford’s provision in the NDAA to direct the Secretary of Defense to submit a plan to Congress to remove Turkey from participation in the F-35 program. Lankford, along with Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Thom Tillis (R-NC) introduced a standalone bill in April. Turkey continues to hold US citizens hostage and work with Russia to buy weapons systems. Lankford continues to seek targeted sanctions against Turkish officials. 

Specific to Oklahoma, the bill supports:

  • 2.6 percent pay raise for troops;
  • Increase procurement and funding of the KC-46 tanker stationed at Altus Air Force Base and maintained at Tinker Air Force Base;
  • Funding for the 97th Air Mobility Wing at Altus Air Force Base;
  • Modernization efforts to continue flying the B-52 bomber, sustainment of which is completed at Tinker Air Force Base;
  • Funding for the Paladin Integrated Management system upgrade, which is assembled in Elgin, OK and applied at Ft. Sill;
  • Funding for the bulk diesel system replacement at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant; 
  • Funding for the aircraft vehicle storage building for the Army National Guard in Lexington, Oklahoma; 
  • Recognition of the spaceport in Oklahoma, which is home to one of the nation’s longest and widest concert runways (12,503-foot by 300-foot).

Floor Speech Excerpts: 

(0:00-0:28) I want to thank Senator Inhofe and Senator Reed for their work on this year’s National Defense Authorization Act. It’s a big piece of work. It’s something that we do every single year to be able to walk through what’s affectionately called here the NDAA. It’s all of our defense policies. It’s what weapons systems we buy, it’s how we support our men and women in uniform, it’s how we ensure the national security of the United States. It’s working its way across the floor, and I proud of the role that my state plays and what’s happening to achieve the goals for national security. 

(2:24-3:00) Just about every time I go home or now fly out, I’m sitting next to or nearby some young woman or man who’s clutching a folder in their hand heading into Oklahoma City to get on a bus to head down to Fort Sill so they can do their basic. I can always recognize their faces. I don’t have to say anything else to them but thank you for signing up because they’re always clutching that folder that they have been told not to lose. So they just hang on to it tightly. They’re getting ready to head to basic at Fort Sill. It is an incredibly important facility for us as a nation.